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Why Vonage is cheap


I wonder if Brazzers or something, would humor me if I emailed them requesting to film a scene of him walking around in either a STARS or BSAA uniform. Like…if they would, I would totally buy the uniform myself without even thinking twice about it.

Why am I such a sad being…and why don’t I care that I don’t care that I’m such a sad being?

I am mentally and emotionally crippled, and disturbed.


Somebody please get this to directorjredfield or bsaacaptain. Tell them it’s how I say goodnight. Goodnight!!! <3 </3 <3

All I’m saying is I’m a girl with some serious personal issues.

Seriously. Chris Redfield in pornstar form. I don’t even care if anyone agrees with me, I agree with myself. That’s good enough for me.

As Chris Redfield deals with the deaths of all of his men and friends, Leon also dwells over the loss of his loved ones.

futurehedgehog Asked:
How would you feel if Charles Dera cosplayed Chris? Hmmm?

I say:

Probably die from an overdose of fangirlism.

It’s almost an everyday thing at this point. I need a new job.

Me and my friends are doing female versions of our favorite male characters from Resident Evil for Colossalcon next year. I can’t decide  which Chris I want to do…

At first I absolutely hated this alternate costume, like I do with 95% of Chris’s alternate costumes.
My not so inner fangirl is starting to love this thing though. I’m ignoring that it’s supposed to be a “samurai” getup, and I’m just pretending it’s his bathrobe.

He’s taking a shower, there’s an outbreak outside, he doesn’t have enough time to put on his robe let alone clothes aaaaand ta-da!

Shameless fangirl and proud.

I’ve been obsessed with Chris for as long as I’ve been playing the games…which has been since Directors Cut was released.

There’s just something more about him in RE6 that my inner fangirl dies over. I thought my ovaries took a bad enough beating when 5 came out.

Piers has Adam Crosman, why can’t Chris Redfield be a real boy?