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Why Vonage is cheap


Halloween used to be my favorite time back in the fan page days. I was browsing the site and images and codes have been jumbled and broken. It kinda bums me out. I’m thinking about maybe revitalizing Vengenz Graphics after Halloween when I have a wee bit of more free time. Feel free to message me with any suggestions about what you’d like to see or any suggestions. I’ll give credit where credit is due for ideas.

I’m so emotional knowing I have to delete all the myspace graphics. Best times to be online, I swear.

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Gordo: setting the bar impossibly high for men since 2000

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sometimes my mood is ‘beyonce’


but other times its ‘white person in an infomercial’


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Things Matt does.

The Afterlife gun thing needs to be added here.


i’ve blogged this like 5 times and i still love it

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Halloween Rule Breaker!
Get the look!


Halloween Rule Breaker!

Get the look!


…what have I done?

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